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Roblox VIP Pass | How to create and use a game pass on Roblox

Are you looking for the details concerning Roblox VIP Pass?. Is it really exists?. How much should you pay on VIP Pass?. How you get benefitted through VIP Pass on Roblox?. Let’s have a quick look at the brief explanation about VIP Pass on Roblox and for the above questions.


This VIP pass will get you in the door to the VIP room! If you have this pass on any of my select VIP games, you can get in the VIP room!


How to create and use a Game Pass

Note: It is recommended that you understand Lua and scripting in Roblox before attempting to create a Game Pass. After all, to earn Roblox from a Game Pass you will need to have created a playable game!

Creating your first Game Pass

If you have already created a Roblox game of your own, here’s how to get started creating your first Game Pass:

Step 1. Download the Game Pass badge template, fill in the white area with whatever you want (preferably something related to your game), and then save it.

Step 2. Upload the completed template. To do this, go to the Develop section of the Roblox website and click the settings icon next to your game, then click Create Game Pass.

We all knew that Roblox is the world's largest social platform for play. Initially, I'm going to familiarize you about VIP Pass of Roblox and its existence. No one can't exactly get VIP pass. However, you have the builder's club and Roblox. Authentic Roblox VIP Pass allows one to avail more upcoming features which including beta features.



Step 3. Fill out the Game Pass name and description and upload the image, then click Preview and then Preview again. This will upload your Game Pass. It will appear underneath Game Passes.

Step 4. Click the settings icon again to further configure your new Game Pass, where you can set its price and other finer details.

Although you can create a Game Pass as a free Roblox member, you only keep 10% per sale, whereas Builders Club members keep 70% of the sale.

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